eBook Price: $20

“Quintet in C-Minor” – a eBook that can make people believe in your abilities. 

Jes Hansen’s very original ideas and thoughts on the art of reading minds. A strong focus on easy to do methods which allow a maximum of freedom on the performance side of the routines. Well-structured with written out full performances and lots of additional ideas and applications for the original methods and principles. In it you will find five routines suited for stage, close-up and readings that have the power to make people believe. The routines are supplemented by a short essay on how to perform as a psychic without claiming to be one. 

Included are the following routines: 

1. TCHOLADT: A Living and Dead Test under test conditions, everything is borrowed nothing ever touched! 

2. COMMON SENSE: “Spectator as Psychic” wonderful suited for reading based performances and with a surprise. 

3. DEATH AND THE MAIDEN: Storytelling and Tarot a mysterious combination for a special one on one performance. 

4. CHALLENGE TAROT TEST: Proof that the Tarot is real! This is what gets you booked as a reader! 

5. WATER TO VINEGAR: You like Russian Roulette but don’t have a gun and are not interested in spiking your hand with a rusty nail? This is something you will perform!

  “This the first release to the public by Jes Hansen and is very well put together, the layout is very nice and all the routines in it are well thought out. (…) Overall the book is aimed at those among us that like to perform in the style of a psychic, but don't let that put you off as you will find something in this book that you will perform, the routines are well thought out and you can see that Jes has taken his time with getting the routines right where he wanted them before publishing. 
Kris Whip   

“CHOLADT – Is a test conditions Living and Dead test, with a devious method that once practiced gives you a skill which could be applied to many effects. (…) Great scripting throughout this booklet I will definitely take something away from this in terms of scripting and presentation ideas. 
Dean Odell
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